Friday, January 20, 2006

Baubles (36x24)

The fish I have in my pond don't look much like this; I have comets, and they are pretty wild because I haven't fed them so they don't associate my presence at pondside with anything good. This might be good; I have seen signs of raccoons on the edge of the pond and it is safer for the fish if they are not attracted to movement above the surface. A moot point right now as the pond has been frozen for a number of weeks. These are koi I photographed at an Asian arboretum in Portland Oregon last summer. Could have found some closer to home but here are west coast fish. This will possibly be my centerpiece painting for the small-group show at McBride Gallery at the end of March, themed 'the water's edge'. On the other hand I might be doing a 3x4 foot egret piece, and of course I will have some scratchboards. A lot on my schedule between now and April.


Terry said...

That is great! What a lovely piece of work.

Lyn said...

Wow. Paula, this is beautiful!