Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Poodle Clay

Well, this is an in-progress look at my clay of a Poodle in sporting clip. It measures about 7" top of head to base and 13" long. When finished it will probably go into bronze. I hope to complete this and have another started to work on at the Poodle Club National Specialty in Salisbury, MD in 10 days.


Gupfee said...

I love it! You've really captured that poodle look. I quickly scrolled thru your other pictures--so beautiful.

I'm looking forward to seeing the final version.

Inkwell said...

Thanks! Won't change much, just some subtle surface work and define some face detail and feet.
Will have to post my Sheltie and my Aussie clays too, but they are further from complete than this one!

Terry Miller said...

Well! Shnoodle is quite something! Great job .... where's the koi painting?