Monday, June 04, 2007

Aussie Clay (10"long x 9" tall x 4" wide)

Now I have all of my sculpture clays up on the blog. This is the Aussie I started at the USASA Specialty in MO in April; still working on surface treatment and head, but hopefully have now gotten the balance right. I did the first hours of this sculpture sitting ringside during Bitch classes (not for me, silly, I already know how to do that!) at the Nationals, so I got a lot of lovely Aussies to look at while working, and input from many master breeders. Pulled this back out to work on this week and then I was able to identify a couple of areas needing revision (I love a long neck but it was really too much!) like reducing the ruff, shaping the head to a more feminine profile since I am trying to portray a bitch, and of course portraying coat texture.

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Flirt the Squirt said...

How is this coming along? It is really lovely better than any I've ever seen.


ps - wish you had done the ASCA Nationals Logo.