Sunday, September 27, 2009

Horses on my mind...

Cleveland Bay Stallion (15x30)

I've been reading a lot of my friend Lyn's blogs and looking at her photos documenting her newly reawakened Horse Madness and I confess it has me revisiting my love of horse as well. Haven't been on one in decades but certainly have watched, and photographed, them recently and now want to paint them.
Not sure this is done (OK, it isn't, a few cleanup strokes needed) and no idea how to photograph it without all that glare on the paint strokes, but wanted to put it up. From a trip to Howard County fair, watching several Cleveland Bay stallions being led around near their ring. This was a particularly handsome fellow.


kenny8blog said...

Love your art in general,but,clay
sculptures of dogs sublie.
Gad to find your blog.

Inkwell said...

Thank you! Hope to complete a horse sculpture soon.