Friday, July 02, 2010

Carol Sebold has died.

Got some very sad news a couple of weeks ago while at Camp, of the sudden death of an old friend. Not sure many of my wildlife artist friends even knew of Carol Sebold but she was a painter of the Maine landscape in watercolor, and more recently, in oil as well. She knew her subject, knew her market, and as a result her work became known throughout the region; her work could be found all over the state in galleries and shops. But Carol's true legacy was her profound effect on people she met, for she was a true force of nature. She swept friends and strangers alike into her whirlwind of, well, ACTION, for lack of a better term. She had an astonishing number of TRUE friends, people she got to know while showing her artwork or while traveling, and she maintained contact with these friends and maintained involvement with them, whether they came to her or she went to them during her frequent travel. She was the most active and athletic 71 year old I think i will ever know, skiing, snow-shoeing, hiking, kayaking, and in the process leaving everyone in her wake. She was just starting to significantly reduce her business obligations after a lifetime of hard work to secure her 'retirement', and she'd had several surgeries in the past several months for various joint issues which she would have preferred to have had done all on the same day, so could could get on with her life and plans. Unfortunately the last one, bilateral knee replacements 2 weeks before her sudden death, might have been a problem; we'll never really know.. There were around 600 people at her memorial service 1 week ago in Camden Maine and she could almost certainly have  named every person there; some traveled from a great distance to be there for Carol, as I did. I found the 4 days leading up to the service to be very difficult as I saw so many of her local friends come together to remember her (and cry and cry and cry).
Anyway rest in peace, Carol, I will miss you and your presence in Camden forever.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. You described Carol brilliantly, she is missed.

Jim Norman said...

I just learned of Carol's death, and I am shaken. I was one of her students at the Wooden Boat School, and I can't say enough about how much she gave to us in a 5-day course. She went all out, with patience, humor, challenge, and above all her wonderful humanity. She was instrumental in changing the course of my life. Goodbye, Carol, and love to you.

Danielle Shupp Blackwell said...

Carol Sebold was a beautiful person as well as my aunt (dad's sister). I miss her dearly! Wish I could have got to know her better as life gets away with you. What an awesome tribute to an awesome aunt. I love you Aunt Carol...RIP