Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some recent work

I have been negligent in posting newer work but here are dew pieces. I am starting to concentrate on some corgi subjects this month in preparation for holding  a booth at the Pembroke Corgi national specialty show in Lancaster in September. I will post the paintings and scratchboards as they are completed.

But first, these paintings:
February Field (6x8)  A reminder of our snowy winter here in Maryland, painted on an unusually hot June day.

Daybreak (24x48)  Still trying to document every egret on the east coast.
March Surf (8x10)  Painted after a trip to the Joizy shore.

Misty Morn (10x8) Hey, look! No birds!


Terry Miller said...

Oh, I like the new look of your blog page. A little updaing never hurt. And, of course, I like the paintings here too.

hmuxo said...

Beautifully done! love the reflections in your paintings.