Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wet Sand (12x24)

Another gull on another beach

Last Light (16x20)

My favorite bird again.


Seen on the beach at Chincoteague

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reading the Signs (23x13)

This would be the Show Bird. He made himself quite available at all times for photography during the trip to Chincoteague. The Bode Miller of egrets (without the 'tude). He will be immortalized a few more times by me over the course of the year; indeed, he surely has been already, by legions of photographers and painters.

Sheltie Anticipation(13x11)

Well, another in a series of 'Anticipation' artworks. Basically the view all dog owners get on a regular basis, at least in the kitchen...Will introduce the print and ther original at the Shetland Sheepdog national specialtyshow in Virginia Beach in April.
The dogs are composites from ringside observations, though the foreground one is pretty much one very nice Sheltie I know.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Balance Point (24x36)

I took a trip to Chincoteague in November and spent several days shooting mostly egrets and herons, with some snow geese thrown in for good measure. The resulting reference has been extremely motivating. This bird will be the subject of a lot of artwortk in the coming year. He (she?) has already been drawn in scratchboard. Here is his first oil portrait.

Hearing the Music (16x20)

I have been wanting to paint a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (the Maryland State Dog!) for a while. I am fortunate to know a breed expert with a very handsome 8 year old Chessie and we recently had a photo. Here is the result.