Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Published! (And published, too)

Well, today I received my copy of the book Humans, Nature, and Birds ; Science Art from Cave Walls to Computer Screens by Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy, and I must say I am quite humbled by my inclusion in this publication, which explores the use of art in depicting our relationship with birds over the ages. There are 60+ artworks described and shown in this book and I am in august company with works included by the likes of Carel Brest van Kempen, Robert Bateman, Tony Angell, Lars Jonsson, Chris Bacon, and Ray Ching, to name a few.
The artwork the authors have included is 'Picnic', an oil painting of mine from 1997 (omg!) that was included in that year's Birds in Art exhibition and which belongs to a friend and collector from way back. They write a narrative of the subject and the significance of the behavior shown (ravens with a bit of trash) and then follow it with a lovely evaluation of the painting itself. Very gratifying indeed.

A few weeks ago I was graced with my copy of The Australian Shepherd Annual 2007 which included a feature article on my artwork, The Artist's Eye. Last year the editor had contacted me and asked if they could feature me, and asked me to write something and send artwork so they could do this about me. Well I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, and figured they would sort it all out, edit what they wanted to include, and that was that. I really did sort of forget about it until the book arrived and I saw they'd used the entire document and included all the artworks I'd sent (not all dog art either). Anyway it is a really nice thing to be featured in this book and I intend to add the article to this site as soon as I get clearance from the editors. (Yes, I did write it but it is their publication so permission needs to be granted, I think, to scan the pages and post them). Incidentally the entire book is interesting as the annuals always are and so it is a worthy addition to any dog person's library, I feel.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few more new little pieces

Late Day (6x6)

Tall Grass (5x7)

Highland Cow (5x7)

Spring Light (6x8)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Artists' Open House

Well, Terry Miller, Karryl, and I had our Artists' Open House today at my home and have had a nice day visiting some our faithful collectors and meeting some new people as well. We converted my house to a full service gallery space with sculpture, paintings and drawings filling the house's 3 main rooms. This is the first time we've done this event in the summer (usually done in December) and we will be discussing what time of year we want to do this in the future. We are open to suggestions from our collectors of course!

Here are some of the newer works I have hanging.