Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This bird is a neighbor which I see every day. This and the other paintings in this entry are a small sampling of new paintings done for Terry Miller's and my recent Artists' Open House. This is the first time in weeks I have had time to post new art.

Sumatran Cub (12x9)

A young tiger from the National Zoo

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Marsh Dusk(6x6box)

Here is a little painting which originally was done to hang with another of the same size and shape, but the other sold individually. No matter, they were not 2 parts of the same scene like the koi below are. This is painted on a boxed panel; that is, the sides are about 3 inches deep and so the painting wraps around the sides and there is no frame.

Koi Set (12x12 each)

This pair of paintings were done as a set though they can each stand on their own. No frames, they are 'gallery wraps' which are paintings on stretched canvas' with a deeper rabbet than typical, about 1.5 inches; those wrapped sides continue the paintings.

I am thinking of a large set of these to go in a grouping of 6, or 9, or more. Maybe for an upcoming show some time...