Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More August work

Fluffy Pup (10x8)  is a recessive gene longhaired Pembroke Corgi puppy, unbelievably cute and sweet.

'Visit'  (20x16) 

'Observation Post' (12x12)

All of these paintings are being done for Corgi National Specialty next month in Lancaster PA. All will be printed and originals will be for sale if not sold beforehand. I plan to do several more before the show in one month. Come see me there!

Monday, August 02, 2010

First works for August

Preparing for a few early-Autumn events including McBride Gallery's Best of the Chesapeake exhibition and sale to hang in early September. Also working on more Corgis for the Pembroke Corgi National Specialty in Lancaster in late September; more art of Corgis coming, promise!

Surface Tension (16x20) (Snowy Egret)

Lazy Comets  (7"x5" each)