Wednesday, April 04, 2007

USASA 2007 National Specialty Print Art

This is the image being used this year for the AKC Australian Shepherd National Specialty Show at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri this month. The art will be seen on souvenier tees, aprons, tote bags and tapestry-type throws. Orders have closed but there will be a few items available for sale still.

As for the print, this year we are offering the art print for the top trophies. There are 3 large prints framed to 18x24, for Best of Breed, Best Opp Sex, and Most Versatile. Another 19 smaller version, framed to 14x18, will be used for the next tier of awards (ie Winners Dog, HIT Aussie, etc). The print will be given as judges gifts and I will have 6 only, available for sale at the show, framed to 14x18 with double or triple mats. Contact me if you would like one of the 6 prints I have available for sale, framed only. The total printed edition for this art is 3 large prints and 35 smaller prints.
I show the art in 2 forms: the painting as it is printed for framing, and with type overlaid for the logo items like tee's, etc.