Sunday, September 27, 2009

Horses on my mind...

Cleveland Bay Stallion (15x30)

I've been reading a lot of my friend Lyn's blogs and looking at her photos documenting her newly reawakened Horse Madness and I confess it has me revisiting my love of horse as well. Haven't been on one in decades but certainly have watched, and photographed, them recently and now want to paint them.
Not sure this is done (OK, it isn't, a few cleanup strokes needed) and no idea how to photograph it without all that glare on the paint strokes, but wanted to put it up. From a trip to Howard County fair, watching several Cleveland Bay stallions being led around near their ring. This was a particularly handsome fellow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some more new art

I have been busy doing a variety of things including preparing for fall gallery events. Attended McBride Gallery's 'Best of the Chesapeake' opening a couple of weekends back and got to chat with some old friends, and to see the exhibition that was, as always, so beautiful.
Now preparing for the gallery's autumn celebration show coming up in October, and also for the big November Anniversary exhibition at the Troika Gallery in Easton. Wonderful to have such representation in both galleries.Add ImageSo to that end I have been toiling away. Here are a few smaller works. Have a couple of larger things not yet ready for photography and also will have my great blue heron sculpture represented in the galleries again when they arrive from the foundry. Just a little color...Watery Sky (5x7)

White Chair (4x6)

Greeting the Day (10x20)

Tension (8x8)

Gee Bee (16x20) A special piece for a special perosn.

Scarlet Macaw (8x8)

Fleet (12x12)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Some new art

Settling In (8x12)
This is the rtwork I used as a demonstration piece for my tutorial at the Woodson Art Museum next month. I photographed it in stages from initial drawing to completion; those photos and the finished artwork will hang at the museum with 3 other scratchboards of mine from now until the end of Birds in Art 2009 exhibition at the museum.
I do very few scratchboards anymore so it was nice to settle down in front of the drawing table for a change.

2 beloved dogs belonging to a friend; the blue merle girl died last year and the blac tri boy is getting on in years.