Friday, October 30, 2009

Waiting Egret 20x24 oil on linen

Destined for one of my galleries for the fall season.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All sorts of arrivals

Well, I did some paintings (so they arrived), autumn is here (so it arrived), I got back from Wausau after being their artist-in-residence (so I arrived) and last and most important, Ribbon has had her litter of 7 so THEY arrived. You can see more about them at this news page though I have included  a picture of mom and babies here.

The Signs (16x20)

Egret Primping2 (6x4)

Egret Primping 1 (6x4)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

 Splash (8x10) Saw this fellow chasing a stick in a local small river and had to paint him.

Cleveland Bay (15x30)   This was posted a couple of weeks ago but the horse disappeared into a very dark green background so I lightened it and was much happier with this.

 Sand River Cheetah (24x30) Haven't done Africa in any real way for a good while so I needed to rectify this.

Some more work finally photographed. Art is destined for various upcoming shows including McBride Gallery's Autumn Celebration, Troika Gallery's Gala Anniversary show, Mystic Maritime Museum Gallery's winter show, and Simpson Gallery's miniatures holiday show. Early in 2010 I plan to have work included in the American Society of Marine Artists' regional show in Delaware. Hope to see some of you at one or more event!  If you want to know which specific pieces might be going where, just contact me.