Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Bunny

Cottontail (8x6)
Had one more painting to post; might not get much more done before Christmas, a couple of commissions beckon.

Monday, December 01, 2008

More smalls

These are 8x6 paintings prepared for Troika and McBride galleries for the Christmas season. McBride in Annapolis is holding their Midnight Madness hours this Thursday and Thursday the 11th. Most importantly my solo show will continue to hang at the gallery until late December. The opening reception a couple of Sundays ago was well attended and a wonderful opportunity for me to meet collectors who'd acquired my work from the gallery over the years.
Troika Gallery will have its holiday hours and showings as well, and some of these small pieces are destined for their walls.

More new small pieces

These four pieces are little commissions, all 5x7 or smaller.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Found my Marbles

I started painting these marbles that belonged to my father about 2 months ago, one little painting at a time. I found I really loved the refraction of light through the glass, the highlights and distortions. I had in mind a set of 9 little paintings that would be mounted together in a frame but at this time they remain individual, sitting on a table at McBride Gallery to pour over during my show. Might still mount them sort of like they are shown here, but maybe not. Right now they are fun to rearrange on the board. They can go as a set or individually, only 4x4 inches each. You can click on the image to enlarge it to see the individual paintings.

McBride Gallery Solo Exhibition

7 Jewels (18x24)

Symbol (10x8)

Cottontail (8x10)

Marsh Grass and Yellowlegs (15x30)

My solo gallery show at McBride Gallery opened this weekend and I met a number of collectors who'd acquired work of mine over the years through the gallery; that was a pleasure, as was sharing the space with Sandy Scott and her world-class sculpture. I delivered a vanload of works last Tuesday and then returned to Annapolis for the evening reception that opened the show. Back to Annapolis today for the daytime reception (the traditional show opening time for the gallery). Had some good traffic through the gallery and got to catch up a bit with Sandy Scott and her assistant Trish. Also got to see some friends who've come to my various events over the years.
The show will hang through most of December, including Midnight Madness I & II - December 4 & 11, 2008 (extended shop hours throughout Annapolis).
Here are a few more images from the show.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some little ones

Snow Bear (7x5)

Dutch Bunny (5x7)

Egret (8x10)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few new scratchboards

I find myself doing fewer scratchboards every year. These will be at the gallery show for which I am preparing, at McBride Gallery in Annapolis, in late November.
Contemplation (Colobus Monkey) 25x11

Ruffed Lemurs (16x19)

Ghost Bird (11x23)

Watchful (25x11)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A couple of Wisconsin friends' dogs

Just informal portraits I've wanted to do for a while.

Ravyn, an Irish Terrier

Brad, a German Shepherd Dog who works for a living as a guide dog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some New stuff

A variety of things from the studio in the past month or so...

Asparagus (10x8)

Markers and Trophy Plate (4x6)
Audition (24x30)

Some more new work

I wish I were as disciplined as my friend TM (you know who you are) and could photograph a painting in stages but frankly, not sure I can teach much with that since I tend to flounder a bit before a painting finds itself. Except the really good ones, then they just paint themselves and I cannot say how I arrived there. Oh well. Here are some new ones. Been in an egret mode. (Imagine that).Summer Green(24x30)Watching Ripples (6x8)
Scattering Crows (24x36)

Monday, September 08, 2008


Well, after a few weeks' correspondence and email conversation with my brilliant webmistress Winklebee, I have a completely redesigned website! It looks beautiful and is far more functional than before, as I did not do enough to update the previous incarnation to reflect the evolution of my work and business (such as the increase in dog art, ad work and photography). We are still tinkering with some details but most links are now active. I hope I do a better job now keeping this redesigned site relevant and current.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Judy, and Judy

2 Views of one of the greats of the breed

Australian Shepherd Bayshore's Russian Roulette

Monday, September 01, 2008

A few new paintings...

Including some still lifes (lives?). I have been wanting to paint from 'life' for a while and took this opportunity to try my hand.

Terry's Pears 12x24

Raku Pot and Silver Ribbon 11x14

Golden Evening (24x20)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Published! (And published, too)

Well, today I received my copy of the book Humans, Nature, and Birds ; Science Art from Cave Walls to Computer Screens by Darryl Wheye and Donald Kennedy, and I must say I am quite humbled by my inclusion in this publication, which explores the use of art in depicting our relationship with birds over the ages. There are 60+ artworks described and shown in this book and I am in august company with works included by the likes of Carel Brest van Kempen, Robert Bateman, Tony Angell, Lars Jonsson, Chris Bacon, and Ray Ching, to name a few.
The artwork the authors have included is 'Picnic', an oil painting of mine from 1997 (omg!) that was included in that year's Birds in Art exhibition and which belongs to a friend and collector from way back. They write a narrative of the subject and the significance of the behavior shown (ravens with a bit of trash) and then follow it with a lovely evaluation of the painting itself. Very gratifying indeed.

A few weeks ago I was graced with my copy of The Australian Shepherd Annual 2007 which included a feature article on my artwork, The Artist's Eye. Last year the editor had contacted me and asked if they could feature me, and asked me to write something and send artwork so they could do this about me. Well I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, and figured they would sort it all out, edit what they wanted to include, and that was that. I really did sort of forget about it until the book arrived and I saw they'd used the entire document and included all the artworks I'd sent (not all dog art either). Anyway it is a really nice thing to be featured in this book and I intend to add the article to this site as soon as I get clearance from the editors. (Yes, I did write it but it is their publication so permission needs to be granted, I think, to scan the pages and post them). Incidentally the entire book is interesting as the annuals always are and so it is a worthy addition to any dog person's library, I feel.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few more new little pieces

Late Day (6x6)

Tall Grass (5x7)

Highland Cow (5x7)

Spring Light (6x8)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Artists' Open House

Well, Terry Miller, Karryl, and I had our Artists' Open House today at my home and have had a nice day visiting some our faithful collectors and meeting some new people as well. We converted my house to a full service gallery space with sculpture, paintings and drawings filling the house's 3 main rooms. This is the first time we've done this event in the summer (usually done in December) and we will be discussing what time of year we want to do this in the future. We are open to suggestions from our collectors of course!

Here are some of the newer works I have hanging.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time to post some new artwork

Yes, I am still making art. It has been a busy couple of months so I have been remiss in posting work. Here are a few paintings. Several will be available at the Artists' Open House of July 12 in Eldersburg, showing the new works of Terry Miller, Karryl, and me. Contact any of us for directions, hope you can come!

I spend a fair amount of time on the roads of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Last Light (6x6) oil

The marshes of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge are of endless interest to me.
Marsh Afternoon (6x6 oil)

The marshes of Blackwater also provide countless good painting subjects in the form of birds.
Gliding (12x24 Oil)

She is a lovely girl I photographed last year and then did her portrait for the Sheltie National Specialty last month. Black Bi Sheltie (10x9) scratchboard (in print).

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Changes in the household: More loss, and a gain as well.

In the beginning of April I left home for 3 weeks to go to Colorado to attend 2 National Specialty dog shows: Sheltie Nationals and Australian Shepherd Nationals. It was a hectic few weeks leading up to my departure for a number of reasons.I was preparing for a show I'd not taken artwork to before (Shelties) and so I needed to prepare a lot of new artworks and prints of the artwork. I had the trophy art for the Aussie Nationals to frame and package. In addition I had a litter of puppies out of Ribbon which were growing by the day and turned 7 weeks the week I was leaving town. They needed their veterinary eye exams before heading out for their new wonderful homes and lives. It was a particularly busy week of calls for Poodle rescue, which I'd been doing for several years for Greenspring Poodle Club. I actually was handing off the rescue duty immediately prior to leaving town but of course got calls to place dogs just before I could hand off.
I was leaving on a Sunday and the plan was to go to Virginia on Saturday to drop off the remaining 2 Ribbon puppies with their co-breeder. As for the resident population I planned to board Flash (my adult male tri Aussie), to leave 13 year old Emma with 9 year old Ziggy my Standard Poodle in the care of neighbors and my sister, and to take Ribbon and Encore. with me on the trip. Encore was entered at the dog show and Ribbon was leaving her litter and is an easy travel mate and company for Encore.
Friday night was the normal routine at bedtime: everyone had a cookie at bedtime and Ziggy slept in the 'dog room' off the kitchen. All was normal and nothing out of the ordinary.

Except that when I got up Saturday morning and went to let everyone outside, I found Ziggy in his crate, dead. He always went in to eat his cookie there and then slept out on the floor or a dog bed. There had been no sign of any illness the evening before, he'd been his usual energetic self, normal appetite, etc. I think he'd been dead only a couple of hours before I found him.
After giving the dreadful news to my sister, who adored Ziggy, we took him to the vet to be left for a limited post-mortem exam (nothing found, incidentally) , and I then went on to VA as planned to deliver the puppies to their co-breeder and co-owner, and arranged for Emma to go stay with a friend for the month as she'd have been extremely lonely without a buddy in the house . (Flash is too much dog to leave in a dog-sitting arrangement with neighbors; where he boards he gets to run with girls and get some serious exercise).
I left for Colorado with Ribbon and a loaded van on Sunday (well, left with Ribbon and had to travel EAST for 2 hours to pick Encore up at a dog show in Southern Maryland, THEN start heading west. ). Not much time to process the loss of my dear sweet Ziggy and terrible for my sister, who was truly bereft over the loss. (A side note: I had originally planned to leave for Colorado about 3 days before I ultimately did but plans changed due to my host's schedule; I can't begin to express how fortunate that change was, as otherwise my sister would have been the one to find him that morning instead of me).Ziggy and Bobby a couple of years ago.
My 3 day drive gave me plenty of time to think about Ziggy, and Bobby, and the importance of my dogs in my life, but leaving home after his death was a bit surreal as well; I would not have had him along anyway, so I had a distressing sort of removal from the occurrence; I'd much have preferred to have been at home to experience his absence in the proper way, if that makes any sense. My departure so soon was also difficult for my sister, who had a very profound sense of loss. She'd been having him over to her house when she wasn't working and had really become his favorite person, and he, hers.
I talked to her at least daily the first week or so after his death, and after a couple of very sad weeks she decided she would like go ahead and get a dog. Up to now she had always planned to do this after retirement in a few years. But with her living so close it would be easy for me to help out by letting her dog out during the day. So I sent out some feelers to friends likely to come across possible candidates (young adult female something-mix, not too many issues for a novice dog owner) . In addition we made plans to go see Ziggy's breeders and talk about Ziggy when I returned home. Thy don't breed anymore, we just wanted to visit and tell them how much we'd loved him.
We walked out of that visit a couple of weeks later with my sister resolving that indeed it would need to be a Poodle for her, and we discussed a little about how we might find something suitable. Of course the paradox was, the day before Ziggy died was the day I mailed all the Poodle rescue paperwork to the club and had my name removed from the web site's rescue page. I would probably be filling out one of my own applications and mailing it to the new rescue chair.
A week or so after our visit to Ziggy's breeders my sister and a friend and I were watching TV at my house and I did a quick email check and decided to check the dedicated rescue email account I'd created, just to be sure I wasn't getting correspondence that needed to be forwarded. Well, a friend from the club had included me in a small group mailing telling of a 3 yo cream StdPoodle in her training class on the Eastern Shore, who needed to go to a new home. She reported the dog as basically perfectly trained, sweet, no apparent issues, needed placement because of a conflict with another dog in the house which had seniority over her. She been with owner SS for a year, having been adopted by her as a favor to an acquaintance who'd gotten displaced in Mississippi by Katrina. So Deja was the odd girl out in the household. SS is a kennel manager and a true Dog Person, working in agility and obedience with her terrier breed and also had Deja ring-ready for Rally, but she had decided the best thing for this dog would be a home of her own if something really good were around. She wanted the best for this dog and she wasn't in a hurry.

We were, however. I called the writer of the email immediately and got the contact info and some more details ; at 9am the following morning we were on the phone to the owner and by 9:30 were on the way to the Eastern Shore to the property where Deja lived .
Well, too late to make a long story short but Deja is here at my feet now (my sister's double shift day) and is beyond perfect if that is possible. Bright, good natured, sweet, friendly with everyone though very 'soft' in attitude, extremely well trained (unlike any of my dogs, come to think of it...!) and a pleasure to be with. We took her home that morning. And since then, every day my sister pinches herself over the good luck of having her come along and she is a perfect First Dog, if deceptive (since few are so good and none are unless trained well by a good trainer) . Anyway, that is the story of loss and gain in this little family. I include pictures of my dear sweet good boy Ziggy, who opened the way for Deja to become a member of this family. And then lovely lively Deja, who is turning my sister into a Dog Person. This is a good thing to be, of course!