Thursday, January 08, 2015

My semi-annual update

As before, I have been posting work steadily to my 'public' Facebook page (ie you don't have to be a member to view it). But will also try to keep work posted here. Some of these pieces are available, some not.

First I will talk about a sculpture or two.

I started this horse, an Arabian, in about 2011 and then set it aside for 3 years before finally pulling it back out and completing it. The piece is an edition of 14 and measures 10" high x 14" long x 6" wide, before basing. The base is black granite and the patina a classic brown bronze.

All last winter I had the good fortune of being able to watch a Red Fox vixen frequent my neighbor's yard. As a result I painted many paintings of her and then decided I needed to sculpt her as well. The result is "Bright-eyed..." measuring 14" high by 16" wide by 8" wide. It is self-based and has a classic red-brown bronze patina. The edition is 10.

In the meantime I have also been painting a lot of small panels as well as a variety of larger sizes. Here are some of the recent ones that are still available unless otherwise stated.

Winter Goldfinch



Point of Rocks Plein Air (6x8)

Yellow-headed Blackbird (6x6)

Yellow-headed Blackbird on Cattail (6x6)

Skimming the Marsh (12x24) 

Evening Snack (12x24)



Dawn Patrol (24x36)

Spearfisher (6x6)

Sparkling Day (20x24)


Autumn Skirmish (10x20)


Alpaca (6x6)

Blue and Orange (20x10)


Sarah's Gold (5x7)

Autumn Hunt (9x12)