Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time to post some new artwork

Yes, I am still making art. It has been a busy couple of months so I have been remiss in posting work. Here are a few paintings. Several will be available at the Artists' Open House of July 12 in Eldersburg, showing the new works of Terry Miller, Karryl, and me. Contact any of us for directions, hope you can come!

I spend a fair amount of time on the roads of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Last Light (6x6) oil

The marshes of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge are of endless interest to me.
Marsh Afternoon (6x6 oil)

The marshes of Blackwater also provide countless good painting subjects in the form of birds.
Gliding (12x24 Oil)

She is a lovely girl I photographed last year and then did her portrait for the Sheltie National Specialty last month. Black Bi Sheltie (10x9) scratchboard (in print).

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John said...

Hey Paula,

How are you? Beautiful little works!
Love the redwing and the sheltie. Oh yeah, congrats on BIA this year.