Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year and also stuff about my friend Lyn

Well, 2009 is now underway. Had a nice but busy season with 8 at my dinner table on Christmas and a few dozen friends in for my annual New Year's Day brunch. Now I have de-Christmas'd the house and will get back to painting, something to which I am looking forward!
I somehow failed to ever mention the Lyn St. Clair project on this blog and so I will now rectify this oversight. I have developed a web log for an on-line gallery of available artworks by some of the best artists there are, in assistance of our friend Lyn St. Clair as she faces some big medical bills. Please go here to get the details and of course to see the artwork being offered. Each artist participating has a link to their web sites and their email addresses included in the post about their work, and many of these artists have other work they would fit into the project if asked. Hope you check it out and please also spread the word by sending the link to the artistsforlyn blog to other friends. And additional note: The Lyn-blog will be updtaed as additional artists come on board so please check back regularly; in fact there is a mechanism for signing onto these blogs to be automatically notified when a change is made on a blog and you can take advantage of this. It is explained at the site.
In other news, nothing really; plans for the new year include more Shetland sheepdog subjects for the dog show I will attend and show in Georgia in April, perhaps some new Aussie art, and in the immediate future some Bernese Mountain dog subjects! I want to perhaps go to that breed's National specialty show in Wisconsin next year and so I will start preparing by doing some paintings this month and going to the local specialty in February. This is not a certainty yet so I won't post it on my calendar.
Of course the vast majority of my paintings are not dog subjects and I will continue to bring new work to
McBride Gallery, Troika Gallery, and the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport .
Speaking of McBride Gallery, my solo show there last month went very well and the remaining the work has stayed at the gallery as the winter gallery show hangs; much of the show was posted on this blog over the past several months; if you are curious about the availability of any specific paintings please contact me.
Once again Happy New Year, hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous 2009~!

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