Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A fair amount of available work

Welcome me back to my blog, because I simply have neglected to use this great app for a couple of years!   Now I will try to rectify it.

Today I wanted to post a lot of work that is still in my collection for various reasons, thought it good to collect a lot of it in one spot. Color works are all oil paintings. 
Catch! (5"Wx7"Hx12"L) Cast bronze
Detail of 'Catch!'

Inquire directly for pricing. Some of these pieces are in galleries but presumably are available still;  all others are here in my  home now unless otherwise noted.
Flotilla (12"x36" in 3-panel form)

October Gathering (36"x48")

Quiet Corner (24"x48")
Morning Dew (24"x36")

Shallows (24"x30")

October Reflection (12"x24")

Tricolor Wading (10"x20")

Mirror, Mirror...(36"x48")

Cometsll (6"x5")


Willet (6"x6")

Spearfisher (6"x6")

Autumn Surf (6"x6")

Alpaca (6"x6")

Blue & Orange (24"x12")

Sunbathers (10"x20")

Evening Courtship (24"x48")

Palm (7"x5")

November Marsh (8"x8")

Heron Settling (9"x12")

Mockingbird (5"x7")

Sentinel (28"x22")

Up! (16"x20")

Teamwork (24"x48")

Evening Roost (36"x24")  This is currently on tour with Birds in Art,  an exhibition of Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum . It is obligated to the tour but should return from tour in late fall but can be sold at any time 

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